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Rudimental's debut album Home has seen the top of the UK charts, and has come second on Australia's Aria Charts since its release, receiving generally positive feedback worldwide.

The album shows the British electronic group's range of musical abilities and industry contacts, with contributions from the likes of Emeli Sande and John Newman.

The vibes from this 12-track album are generally upbeat electronica, with impressive raspy vocals by collaborators and band members.

The low point of the album is Baby, which sounds almost lounge-like and has uncreative lyrics and repetitive musical components. However, the other well-produced tracks make up for this. Waiting All Night and Home feature vibrant loud beats.

The tracks have a decidedly poppy feel to them, and despite the sometimes impressive vocals, there's nothing we haven't heard before.

This is an average album, without a specific purpose or mood. Good for a leisurely summer listen, but inadequate for those emotion-packed phases we all experience in our adolescent years.

Home is a head-bopper, but nothing more.

YP Rating: 3/5

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