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The Civil Wars are a good reminder that bands should choose their names wisely. After releasing their Grammy-winning debut album Barton Hallow, the folk duo - Joy Williams and John Paul White - decided to take a break last November due to "internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition".

But somehow they managed to finish their second, self-titled album, and released it earlier this month.

Much attention has been given to the sixth track, Devil's Backbone, about a girl falling in love with a criminal at large. Williams' emotional vocals kickstart the initially quiet track, which - halfway through- turns into a country rock anthem, definitely offering something unexpected.

Another track worth a listen is Sacred Heart, which sees Williams singing in French to some soothing acoustic guitar strumming.

Elsewhere, the duo proves themselves capable of some decent vocal harmony, in tracks such as Same Old Same Old and From this Valley. But they don't seem to explore much within the genre, and most of the tracks are disappointingly similar.

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