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It's no surprise that someone would eventually bring intense '60s garage rock to the modern realm, given its energising powers. But few would have guessed it would be done by four rockers, some of whom are only just 16. The Strypes, an Irish band formed in 2011, recently dropped its debut album, Snapshot.

Their breakthrough single, Blue Collar Jane, boasts high-intensity electric guitar, quick-paced drumming and lead singer Ross Farrelly's retrospective vocals. The upbeat track is a tapestry of whimsy, a memorable melody and harmonica. It also has a worrying way of making you dance like your dad. Best saved for the privacy of home.

The baby-faced band also touches on '70s blues in such tracks as I Can Tell and Angel Eyes.

When the Arctic Monkeys debuted, the intensity of their rock shook the music world. Now history is going to repeat with The Strypes, who are younger and perhaps even more talented.

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