American singer-songwriter Bazzi performs in Hong Kong

By cadet reporter Divina Samtani

The 21-year-old star, who shot to fame in 2018 when his song "Mine" became a meme, entertained fans with an exciting, though short, performance

By cadet reporter Divina Samtani |

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In April 2018, Bazzi performed in support of Camila Cabello’s ‘Never Be The Same Tour’ at The Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He recently had a sold-out show in Hong Kong.

Bazzi arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday for his first ever show in the city. The American artist is currently ranked 91st worldwide according to Spotify, and his sold out show at KITEC in Kowloon Bay, with more than 300 excited fans, proved how loved and adored he is worldwide.

Even two hours before the concert, a few dozen people were already queued outside in Hong Kong’s notorious humidity for a chance to stand in front of the stage.

At exactly 8:00pm, the lights went out and when the blue strobe lights came on, Bazzi was there waiting to start off the show with his recent hit single, Paradise. Afterwards, he launched into other songs from his 2018 album, like Cosmic, Star, Beautiful, and Cartier.

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Halfway through the concert, Bazzi swapped the neon lights for soft, warm ones as he played guitar and sang covers of Maroon 5's Sunday Morning, Drake's Hold On We’re Going Home and Usher's There Goes My Baby. 

Though there was a minor technical difficulty, it was soon fixed by the “world’s best guitarist,” according to Bazzi, as he asked the crowd to chant, “Thank you, Nick. We love you, Nick”.

Bazzi showed his versatility by rapping and playing soft, intimate covers for the audience.
Photo: Divina Samtani

Bazzi's show also featured his recent single Caught in the Fire, which is mostly rapped. Through this, Bazzi wowed the audience and proved his versatility. With lyrics that reflect on the state of the world, Bazzi made a short and impassioned speech on the strength of the youth, saying that the new generation is truly powerful in changing the world.

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After mentioning how he loves Hong Kong’s energy and how he will make sure to return (which we hope he does), Bazzi ended on Mine as the audience used their phones to light up the venue.

To the audience's surprise, Bazzi left the stage at 9 pm, although people assumed the concert would end at 10. However, it made sense since Bazzi hadn’t taken any breaks during the show and didn't start late. The only other negative was the lack of merchandise available, which disappointed fans who wanted to take home a memento of the evening. The venue was also incredibly small for an artist who has topped Billboard charts multiple times, but it also allowed the audience to create intimate moments with the singer, and every “I love you, Bazzi” was heard clearly despite the loud speakers.

From the audience energy, to the powerful vocals, the concert was absolutely epic and Bazzi should be proud that no matter where in the world he is, his music is appreciated and loved.