Yaeji concert review: Rising electronic star astonishes the crowd at her first show in Hong Kong

Taina Puddefoot

The 25-year-old New York native blends soul, funk, and her Korean roots to create a captivating sound

Taina Puddefoot |

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Yaeji rose to fame in 2017 with her cover of Drake's "Passionfruit".

Speakers echoed kick drums on every beat, heavy smoke whisked around the ravers, and the atmosphere when Yaeji made her entrance was electrifying. The crowd oozed passion, and hands leapt to the ceiling as bodies moved religiously to the beat.  

The gig began with a stimulating DJ set from musician Scintii, a supporting act for the event hosted by Clockenflap and Collective Minds at This Town Needs Hong Kong. Yaeji’s synthesised basslines, accompanied with her electronic effects, absorbed music-goers into her magical, creative space.

The DJ and music producer, born Kathy Yaeji Lee, created a minimalist scene, yet lured the crowd in with her prominent beats, which synced with the dramatic lighting. The early stages of her set began with her famed tracks One More and Drink I’m Sippin On. The crowd witnessed Yaeji’s vivid animation of dance moves, bringing to life her own mechanical rhythms. She effortlessly engaged with her fans, gesturing them to feel and move freely, as both sides mutually fuelled each other’s energy.

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The environment mirrored a scene from New York City house culture, alluding to her musical beginnings as an NYC native. The crowd moved in-sync to the ferocious electronic drums as she infused her music with both soul and funk, inspiring a disco-esque atmosphere. Aside from the influence of the New York soul-and-funk scene, Yaeji also embraced her Korean roots, which shined through her lyrics and performance style, delivering a fascinating fusion of both cultures.

The 25-year-old put the up-tempo music on hold for her soulful rendition of Drake’s Passionfruit, which helped her rise to fame in 2017. During this, the audience stopped their dance moves and instead raised their phones to film her stunning acoustics.

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She concluded the performance with another one of her most-loved releases, raingurl,encouraging the crowd to ramp up their energy one last time. This town most definitely needed a performance from the sensational Yaeji last night.

Young Post extends a special thank you to Collective Minds for providing the tickets.