Justin Bieber posts apology letter to fans on Instagram after cancelling Purpose tour

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Peace out. See you soon, we hope, JB!
After abruptly cancelling the last 14 dates on his world tour, which included a show in Hong Kong, Justin Bieber told fans yesterday he had sometimes let his “insecurities get the best of me”.
The 23-year-old singer posted a confessional message on Instagram saying he had made “mistakes” but that he intended to learn from then in future.
“Learning and growing hasn’t always been easy but knowing I’m not alone has kept me going,” Bieber told his huge fan base.
The note came weeks after he scrapped his world tour due to “unforeseen circumstances”. He was later involved in a traffic accident in which his vehicle hit and slightly injured a photographer.

“I have let my insecurities get the best of me at times,” Bieber acknowledged. “I’m VERY aware I’m never gonna be perfect, and I’m gonna keep making mistakes.

“What I’m not gonna do is be ashamed of my mistakes. I wanna be a man that learns from them and grows from them,” he said.

The message gave no details as to why he cancelled his world tour on July 24, after performing more than 150 shows and despite the massive success of his 2015 album Purpose. The hit was a return to form after a series of tabloid incidents in which Bieber illegally raced a car through Miami and threw eggs at a neighbour’s house.

“Me this taking time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE,” he said. “I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my heart and soul to be sustainable.”

“This message is just an opportunity for you to know my heart, I’m not expecting anyone to understand,” he said, finishing the message with a line in capital letters in which he declared that “I think there’s something special about imperfections.”