9 reasons why a cappella is aca-mazing

Pauline Wong

You didn't think movie studios would create a franchise based on a cappella if it wasn't, did you? Pitch, please!

Pauline Wong |

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Get bored of your current playlist? Time for you to explore a cappella for some music inspo:

1.You can pretty much do it ANYWHERE.

Here’s Pentatonix singing in an airport just via an intercom! Live music access anywhere! How amazing is that???

2.Harmonies, harmonies, harmonies

Literally sends tingles and shivers down my spine just thinking of a beautiful four-part harmony, imagine the vocals echoing in a room!

3.It unites people

There are so many projects on the internet where singers from all over the world send in their recordings to create a song!

4.It appreciates the human capability.

Did you know that humans are capable to imitate instruments like guitars, drum sets, flutes, violins etc.!

5.It’s low budget.

I mean, you need basically nothing to perform a song a cappella-style. Just your voices, and that’s it. That’s the point of a cappella.

6.There are movies dedicated to this genre of music!

Pitch Perfect, On My Way Home documentary are all amazing films about a cappella. Wait, isn’t Pitch Perfect 3 coming out this year???

7.So many puns derived are derived from this genre!

Aca-awesome, aca-mazing, aca-scuse me, yep, all those puns

8.They value every single person in a group.

There’s no “most important member” in a cappella groups. If you lose one person, you lose the entire group. Trust me, we know the feeling.

9.It covers any music from any generation/genre.

A cappella has been around since the late 15th century and you can create any genre of music with your voices. There’s no limitation. If you can hear the sound, somebody in this world can create that song with their voice. Here’s a video of the Evolution of Music! 

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