The music video for Taylor Swift's new single 'Lover' features Christmas trees and Easter eggs galore

The video is packed with hidden clues and heartwarming cuteness

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge |

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Singer Taylor Swift has dropping hints about some of the songs on her upcoming album, Lover

The music video for Taylor Swift’s new single, Lover, is here and be warned: it will leave you feeling emotional.

The singer unveiled the MV earlier this morning during a YouTube livestream.



The whole video takes place inside a colourful dollhouse, which itself is inside a snowglobe - but that isn’t as odd as it sounds. It perfectly sets the stage for Swift to tell a story about a couple navigating their relationship, with different themed rooms to highlight different aspects of their lives together.

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True to form, the video is packed with hidden Easter eggs, from sneak peeks at unreleased lyrics and song titles, as well as at Swift’s new clothing line with Stella McCartney, to the usual references to the number 13, snakes and butterflies, and of course, Swift’s cats. 

Lover, released last Friday, is the third single and title track from Swift’s very-soon-to-be-released (like, today) seventh album. It’s a dreamy, romantic ballad - the kind of song people might have slow-danced to at a prom in the 1950s, but with added, contemporary playfulness.

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We’ll have the new video on repeat until Lover-the-album drops anytime now. We’d love to take TayTay’s advice, because we do ned to calm down, but we’re just too excited! Look out for Young Post’s review!