Babymetal album review: ‘Metal Galaxy’ is an experiment gone wrong

The duo's attempt to mix different styles and instruments - like reggaeton and accordions - falls flat

Chris Gillett |

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Following the departure of founding member Yuimetal last year, the two-piece Japanese metal outfit Babymetal have returned with their third full-length album Metal Galaxy.

Babymetal do what they do best on openers Future Metal and Da Da Dance. Pulverising synth sounds, thunderous drumming and frantic keyboard arpeggios create a manic bubble gum-pop and power-metal hybrid explosion.

But from here, the duo really start to experiment with styles – with mixed results.

Elevator Girl and Night Night Burn throw in some jazz piano breakdowns underneath old-skool pop-punk vocals. Meanwhile, In The Name Of and Pa Pa Ya merge gothic choirs and doomsday-sounding church bells with Cuban-inspired reggaeton beats.

But the group save the worst for back-to-back tracks Shanti Shanti Shanti and Oh Majinai, an accordion-heavy sea shanty which could only really be described as pirate-folk-metal.

Saving graces include Kagerou and Starlight, while ultra-heavy metal closer Arkadia provides a dramatic ending.

All in all, Babymetal will really test your mettle with this one.