Pop twins Tegan and Sara return to Hong Kong with a polished double-act

The Canadian duo showed the city how a pop show is done at their sold-out Kitec gig

Veronica Lin |

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Pop twins took to the stage in Kowloon Bay

When Canadian pop duo Tegan and Sara took to the stage in Kowloon Bay, they not only rocked a sold-out Kitec’s Rotunda 3 to the core with their electronic, synth pop music, but also won hearts with their trademark sibling banter.

Having just released eighth studio album Love You To Death in June, the sisters are riding high on their success. The performance was incredibly polished; from the musical arrangements to the lighting design, it all fit together perfectly. Most of the songs on the setlist were hits from previous albums, which thrilled fans that have followed the Quin twins from the very beginning.

The first song of the night, Back in Your Head, from The Con, sent the audience into a frenzy, as Tegan and Sara’s magnetic voices reverberated around the room. Exuding the same passion they had when they first started performing two decades ago, the sisters lost themselves in their own song, and belted out each note with power and determination.

Tegan and Sara take on the 7 second challenge!

As LGBT and political activists, Tegan and Sara have always encouraged their fans to be themselves and block out the judgements of others. So during the song Boyfriend, they asked the audience to sway to the beat. In that moment, everyone in the room left behind their hectic lifestyles, and danced like there was nobody watching.

As well as having raw talent and an undying love for making original, indie-pop music, the chemistry shared by the identical twins plays an instrumental role in their live shows.

Matching slicked-back hair and black tuxedos may make them appear to be aloof rock stars, but Tegan and Sara showed how down-to-earth and approachable they were by teasing each other onstage, interacting with their fans, and telling childhood stories.

Their stage personas complement each other, and also create a fun and laid-back atmosphere throughout the entire show. It was a guaranteed night-to-remember for everyone who was there.