Generationwhy is a meal of an album [Review]

Cyril Ip
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There aren’t many Chinese-American artists who have made it big in the Western music industry, but hopefully Zhu will make his mark with this meaty meal of an album, Generationwhy.

During the early years of his musical career, Zhu released music anonymously as he tried to get his listeners to focus on the music rather than the man behind it. It wasn’t until 2014 that he decided to attach his name to his songs.

Generationwhy is a melting blend of electronic, house and RnB, and sounds like something you’d hear at a fashion show – but it’s also perfect for when you want to spend a night thinking deep thoughts.

Album opener Cold Blooded is like a heady appetiser with a distinct taste that lingers throughout the meal. Zhu confesses that he fears the person he loves, and labels their love “ psychedelic”.

In the inspirational Money, instead of just telling you money isn’t all that (which, let’s face it, we’ve heard before in countless other songs), Zhu explains that money “don’t mean a thing” without having someone to love.

Zhu manages to convey a lot of subtle creativity in his songs, which you will only notice if you savour them, which you’ll want to do. Just like a Sunday roast, this album is suitable (and tasty) for all palates.