Belle and Sebastien’s new record offers a mix of retro genres [Review]

Scottish chamber pop group, Belle and Sebastien have decided to release a trip of EPs over the next three months

Chris Gillett |

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Having been releasing albums consistently since the mid-90s, Scottish chamber pop group Belle & Sebastien have decided to release a trio of EPs over the next three months, with the first, How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1), released last month.

The record opens with Sweet Dew Lee, a summery 60s folk pop track with descending shimmery guitar chords.

Lead single We Were Beautiful is far more vibrant and exciting, with a booming, compressed beat, and a catchy chorus line: “We were beautiful before this all went down,” making it the standout track. The pokey bass line, spacey 80s keyboards and Pet Shop Boys-esque vocal delivery create an interesting range of sounds.

Sarah Martin comes to the forefront on the gentle Fickle Season, which revolves around soft guitar arpeggios and an unsuspecting flute solo.

The Girl Doesn’t Get It harks back to more 80s pop, with a bouncing bass, and a buoyant guitar riff over propulsive electro drums, while the instrumental Everything Is Now showcases more 60s psychedelia.

How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1) might offer a mix of retro genres, but will probably only appeal to the hard-core fans.

Edited by Karly Cox