Yeo's ‘Recovery Channel' album review: Malaysian-Australian artists' latest LP showcases his soaring vocals


Eight-track release features melodic and contemplative R’n’B songs, including ironically-named collab with Charlie Lim called By Myself

Chris Gillett |

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Malaysian-Australian artist Yeo’s Recovery Channel is an eight-track LP which maps his personal struggles of the past 18 months through melodic, contemplative RnB songs.

Epic, fluttering strings over dark electronic glitches kick off the whirring opener Bear, before Six Years shows off Yeo’s soaring vocals for one of the record highlights. Charlie Lim collab By Myself features perfect harmonies, and lyrics that reflect the low point Yeo reached, over moody, minimal RnB beats.

Always With Me and Restless crank up the sass a little more, with syncopated rhythms and the kind of suave vocal stylings heard on Justin Timberlake’s earlier hits.

Unfortunately, it’s not all impeccable, slow groove-pop. Closer Don’t Let Me Blind You is so cheesy, with schmaltzy karaoke vibes, and a crooned delivery that really dents the heartfelt sentiments. For Me is, at its core, a really promising song, with the whale-like, droning guitar adding real sophistication, but the mix is so bass-heavy, it muddies everything.

Overall, Yeo has produced a decent comeback. Despite a couple of weak spots, it looks like his dark days are finally behind him.