Katy Perry dazzled in a spectacular show you'll wish you were a Witness to

By Nicole Moraleda

TGIF, because it'd be hard to concentrate in school tomorrow after this visual extravaganza!

By Nicole Moraleda |

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If you bore witness to Katy Perry’s eye-popping visual spectacle tonight at the AsiaWorld-Expo, your eyes are probably still adjusting.

Most artists would save the smoke machines and confetti for their finale, but for Katy that was only just the beginning. From start to finish, there was not a single opportunity to blink without missing something.

With all that was going on the stage, at times you forget you’re there for her music. But her vocals carried through. She performed a lot of her old hits such as I Kissed a Girl, Teenage Dream, and California Gurls, as well as newer tracks from her latest album Witness, in this world-wide tour of the same name.

Practically everything, from the stage to her LED top, was flashing with colour. All in the span of two hours, they managed to fit in stilts, giant flamingos, bouncing eyeball balls, acrobats, the much-adored LeftShark, and a headstand from the 33-year-old singer. (I'm running out of breath just remembering all that!)

Perry wasn't the only one making fashion statments, though. Her adoring fans came well prepared: many wore homemade costumes inspired by the singer's past looks. Some came in sparkly outfits and colourful wigs, while others even wrapped themselves in fairy lights.

Speaking of the fans, Perry was sweet and charming as ever when interacting with the audience. At one point she invited an audience member to join her on stage to teach her a bit of Cantonese. Unfortunately, the lucky fan she picked could only teach her words in the dialect of her home province: Hunan, in southern China. In the end, it was Perry who gave the Cantonese lesson! Which had everyone impressed.

After an explosive encore performance, ending with her self-empowerment anthem Fireworks, which featured actual fireworks, she told her Hong Kong fans she hoped to see them again soon.

It disappointed KatyCats when the American pop star toured Asia in 2015 during her Prismatic World Tour but didn’t stop by our city. It's safe to say that today she gave them a show that was certainly worth the wait, and one they won’t forget until the next time she comes.

Edited by Heidi Yeung