Everglow's 'Reminiscence' album review: K-pop newcomers start out strong


Girl band consisting of Sihyeon, E:U, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren bring swagger and style

Chris Gillett |

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Breaking on to the scene last year with a handful of singles, k-pop newcomers Everglow have now dropped their debut mini-album Reminiscence – four solid tracks and 13 minutes of unashamed attitude and swagger.

Straight in on the opening bars of Salute, low faux-brass blasts and booming trap beats drive the girls’ attitude-fuelled chops and chants, akin to Ariana Grande’s mega-hit Girls, but with even more sass. The chorus shows a more playful side to the group’s sound though, breaking into double-time and sickly sweet melodies creating a chirpier atmosphere.

Lead single Dun Dun could be the same as the opener if it weren’t for the wiry, ascending lead line, which develops into chaotic sawing synths which follow their voices in the choruses. This could easily become a new club classic, as Everglow have certainly taken things up a notch here, and it’s super catchy.



Player is even broodier in tone, as their voices remain angered, eventually giving way to synth-chord plucks and a more melodic approach. Although there’s a distinct sense of momentum building with trap hi-hats peppering the whole mix, the outro wails seem to be clashing with each other, and distracting from the dark, industrial build preceding it.

Closer No Lie finally breaks the gloom, with pinged toybox notes, and a tropical house beat giving much more colour to the musical palette, and allowing for the hooks, “Why did you leave me alone, in danger?/And you got nowhere to go/Truth is, we were in the Antartica,” from Mia and Sihyeon to really ring out in the minimal r’n’b refrain. 

 Although a bit one-dimensional here, Reminiscence still shows a lot of potential from the six-piece. It looks like Everglow are set to be burning bright for the foreseeable future.