Dresden Wolves talk about their new EP and what motivates them to work hard


Mexican rockers headed to Hong Kong are inspired by the success and drive of fellow musicians they meet touring

Chris Gillett |

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Dresden Wolves will be coming to Hong Kong in March.

Mexican rock duo Dresden Wolves have an interesting past. The two members, bassist Oscar Manuel López Herrera and drummer and singer Emmanuel Rapeta Garcia, decided to form a band after watching a cover band and being angered by how terrible they sounded.

After that fateful decision, and choosing a band name based on the fact that Lopez’ surname translates to “wolf”, the group have found themselves touring all over the world. Their next scheduled stop is in Hong Kong on March 7. We called Herrera ahead of their upcoming gig to talk about their favourite shows and their upcoming EP release.

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The Hong Kong trip won’t be the duo’s first experience in Asia, having previously toured in Japan for a week, as well as South Korea last year. Herrera says: “In Japan, the first gig was lit. All the audience were singing with us, not moving or dancing, but watching us and clapping after every song.

“But in South Korea, they started to make a mosh pit on the first song! It was so cool – they were really going at each other,” he laughs. He is expecting “even more” from the Hong Kong audience. “We’ve wanted to come to Hong Kong for a couple of years now. We tried when we went to Japan, but we didn’t know any bands or anyone from the scene, but now we’ve discovered some Hong Kong music, and made some contacts too, so we’re really excited to finally be playing there.”

The tour will be a great opportunity for Dresden Wolves to road-test some new material from their upcoming five-track EP which is scheduled for a May release. “We started recording last year, in July,” says the bassist, before explaining the process was not without issues.

“We were holed up in a room for two months recording three of the songs for the EP,” he says, before bursting out laughing.“My girlfriend got angry because I spent all my time rehearsing, so she left me!”

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Of the three songs to come from their summer session, one, Hiedra, has already been released as a single. Inspired by heavy rock and doom metal bands they’ve befriended around the world, the song came to the group spontaneously. Herrera says, “We were jamming and goofing around the rehearsal room, and then Emmanuel [Garcia] came with a simple beat. And he told me to follow his lead and do whatever I want. Within 15 minutes, the song was written.”

Despite how quickly it was written, Hiedra marks a shift in their songwriting. “The sound of those heavier bands we [have met] gets kind of catchy when you’re hanging out with them every day, so inevitably we wanted to play like them, improve our sound, and make something that sounded different to us.” It’s clear to the 31–year-old frontman how much the group have developed, having recently revisited their self-titled debut release. “Touring helps a lot,” confesses Herrera.

“Around the world, you meet a lot of bands: bands that are better than you, and that’s what forced us to work harder, and I think we’ve improved a lot.”