Latest BTS album 'Love Yourself: Tear' is everything a K-pop fan could want [Review]

Third studio album from the K-pop boy band sensation is number one in the US and Japan, with good reason

Chris Gillett |

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Seven-piece K-pop boy band BTS just marked their rise to global prominence by landing a number one in the US and Japan with their third full-length album Love Yourself: Tear. And it’s easy to see why – with powerful and varied songs from start to finish.

Fake Love is a prime example, and feels like the perfect pop song, flowing seamlessly between softly picked guitars and whispered vocals to the explosive chorus. Anpanman (which is based on a Japanese anime character) and the big house banger So What are also highlights, both showing off the groups’ playful melodies and infectious crowd-singalongs.

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Latin-style Airplane Pt 2 references Hong Kong in their declaration of success, detailing how they are jet-setting around the world to sing their songs, while the mellow The Truth Untold and Intro: Singularity both offer sweet, sweeping vocal melodies full of flower references, and emotional honesty.

Closer Outro: Tear is an unexpectedly dark hip-hop track, but shows the group at their most poetic and dramatic.

Love Yourself: Tear is a near-faultless album, and probably BTS’ most consistent so far. If this proves anything, then this group deserve all the accolades they’re receiving.