Jelena duet leaked - but this doesn't mean Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are getting back together

By Karly Cox

A song rumoured to be appearing on the Biebs' upcoming album hit the airwaves at the weekend

By Karly Cox |

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Canadian rapper Drake launched his long-awaited radio station, OVO Sound, on Apple's Beats 1 platform - but the limelight has been taken from him by the unexpected inclusion of a new song by former lovebirds Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

The leaked track, called Strong, has been removed from nearly every platform, but Young Post managed to listen this morning - and it's good. It's a laidback, heartfelt ballad which seems to refer to their on-off (but now ended) relationship and what went wrong, with lines such as "I'm just wishing you were better at communication" and "Wishing I was better at this damn thing/'Cuz it's been too long and I can't change". Both singers' vocals are strong without being overpowering, and the bittersweet lyrics sit well with the simple musical accompaniment.

The song doesn't appear on Gomez's recently release sophomore album, Revival, but JB has a new album, Purpose, coming out next month.

Neither singer has mentioned Strong on their social media, adding to the mystery. We can only hope that it's been included alongside What Do U Mean on Bieber's upcoming record, or that the pair has plans to release something together. While we don't recommend you get your hopes up for/ get angry about a Jelena reunion, if their combined talent means more of smooth, subtle songs like this one, we're hoping they can be friends.