Night and Day (day Edition) is The Vamps’ cringeworthy follow-up album [Review]

Chris Gillett |

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Teenage heart-throbs The Vamps conquered the world last year with their third album Night and Day. They’ve now returned with a sequel – Night & Day (Day Edition) – which packs in 18 tracks of winding pop melodies that are, frankly, exhausting to listen to.

It’s clear from the offset that the pop-rockers put minimal effort into this album. They use funk-led bass lines and guitar chords to create the illusion of summer brightness to fit the album’s theme, most notably in opening tracks Just My Type, Hair Too Long and Talk Later.

Too Good To Be True and Middle Of The Night are far more dreamy and atmospheric to begin with, before breaking into the kind of explosive trance-lite chorus you might expect from Taylor Swift.

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Meanwhile, Cheap Wine, Personal and Pictures Of Us go for the ultra generic tropical house vibe where the instrumentals give way to finger clicks and the repetition of basic phrases over and over again.

Acoustic tracks Paper Hearts and It’s a Lie give the album a lift towards the end, but it’s too little, too late to salvage this scrap heap.

Night and Day had the potential to be a promising double-album concept, but The Vamps didn’t even come close to pulling it off.