K-pop band (G)I-DLE's new EP 'I Trust' is their most confident piece of work yet

  • The six-piece girl group are back with their third EP
  • The tunes will get you dancing, no matter what you think of the instrumentation
Chris Gillett |

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Fast approaching their third anniversary as a group, K-pop six-piece (G)I-DLE are marking the occasion with their third EP I Trust, a record that shows the recent Guinness World Record Holders at their most self-assured.

Opener Oh My God and stomper Lion are both effective with their genre and rhythmic shifts – Oh My God moves from a reverb-laden rumble and gloomy, church bell intro, into wonky piano samba-trap verses and galloping reggaeton pre-choruses, while LION moves from a sluggish, minimal pop, to the colossal pomp of the widescreen chorus. 

Maybe is where (G)I-DLE show their individuality though. The warbly, sustained keyboard chords shimmer out over propulsive, cadenced clapping.

Its very basic chorus, “Don’t worry babe/I love you babe/I’ll be by your side/Maybe,” might seem weak on paper, but it sits well with the whirring atonal synth motif, which jumps out the speaker with the emphatic electro-kits on super-charge. It’s by far the most gripping track here.

Luv U has a distinct late-night club vibe, with its minimal dub leanings, and clip-clopping sounds. The track contains some of the most interesting vocal movements as the  inter-weaved, descending steps over the grimy sub-bass loop make for a hypnotic listen in the opening verse. 

Throughout the five tracks, the girls’ vocals are right up front and centre, with a very limited instrumentation behind them, and for the most part it seems to work for them. If there’s one thing we can trust, is that (G)I-DLE can be sure to get us flossing to every chorus drop.