British singer Lapsley's second full-length record is a journey through soul-pop

  • The artist showcases her talents on this ambient album.
  • The singer shows her lyrical prowess with lines like, “Memories fall like drops of rain.”
Chris Gillett |

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From chill beats to retro synth, the album showcases Lapsley's talent.

It’s been four years since Lapsley’s debut Long Way Home, and now the British singer is back with her second full-length record, Through Water. It’s another absorbing journey through soul-pop ambience.

The title track opens with spoken word passages over dramatic, sustained piano chords, before voices pan left to right over evolving electronic and stick rhythms for a disorienting, but intriguing start. The soulfulness shines through on My Love was Like the Rain, with the poetic imagery of lines like “Remember when you said/My love was like the sea/Not a big pool in a tropical/You said I had the Arctic inside of me,” flowing over muted synths. It is the very definition of melancholy.

The first half of the album continues in this downbeat chill mood, with tracks such as First and Ligne 3. But electronic drums and retro synths liven things up on songs like Our Love Is A Garden and Sadness is a Shade of Blue.

Closing with the delicate piano chords of Speaking of the End, the singer shows her lyrical prowess with lines like, “Memories fall like drops of rain.” It’s a refreshing end to the record, and a reminder of how great a songwriter Lapsley is.