K-pop girl group Twice proves they can do no wrong with the release of 'More & More'

  • The group puts together a diverse mix of sounds and genres without losing a sense of purpose
  • 'Make Me Go', 'Shadow' and 'Don't Call Me Again' are standouts on this perfect summer pop album
Chris Gillett |

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Twice's latest mini-album 'More & More' is a perfect pop album and great for the summer.

K-pop girl group Twice can seemingly do no wrong. Previous releases What Is Love and The Year of Yes showcased impeccable pop songs, and somehow the nine-piece managed to build on this momentum with their latest mini-album More & More

What’s most impressive is how Twice manage to create such a diverse mix of sounds and genres, without losing that sense of cohesion. Both the title-track opener and Shadow are perfect pop songs - just in time for summer, with side-chained airy chords, and soft bilingual verses to boot, building up to synth-pop singalong choruses, where every section is as infectious as the last. Oxygen is so groovy with its R’n’B-garage rhythms, you could almost miss the vocals weaving over the top, before the super-charged synth-house chorus hits, and the naturally simple vocal and synth unison “oo-ee-oo-ee-oo” jumps out of the speakers to elevate the song even further. Then, Firework is so chock-full of Latin guitar trills, wave recordings and a hefty reggaeton thump, even Camilla Cabello would struggle to compete.

Just as you start to think their energy is starting to wane after the moody funk-bass led stomper Make Me Go and Shadow, Twice hit you square in the face with undoubtedly their most immediate number Don’t Call Me Again. The rolling breakbeat takes a backseat to the boisterously Beyoncé-esque descending brass motif, paired seamlessly with the girls’ sassy deliveries, making this hook so unforgettable, it’ll stay with you all day. 

There is simply no holding back here. This mini-album is full of varied pop songs that will make you come back more and more.  

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