9 K-pop hits that are perfect for summer, from BTS to Blackpink

Natasha Ho
  • These catchy songs are great for pool parties or soaking up some sun on the beach
  • Music by Twice, Red Velvet and Ateez will get you dancing
Natasha Ho |

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These K-pop hits are perfect for summer.

Summer is here and the heat has been unbearable. It’s the perfect time to listen to some catchy K-pop music. Here are our favourites:

1. Dance The Night Away by Twice

If you don’t know this song, you should definitely listen to it. With an uplifting beat and the girl group’s sweet but strong vocals, this song will make you dance and forget all your troubles. Don’t miss out on the music video!

2. Forever Young by Blackpink

This cool song marks Blackpink’s comeback. The beginning makes you feel like you’re on the beach getting some sun, then the song suddenly takes on a rock element and makes you want to jump up and down. The song’s pure energy.

3. Red Flavor by Red Velvet

If you’re hoping for some summer lovin’, you should listen to this song. The group’s powerful vocals are accompanied by a bouncy beat. Don’t forget to check out the music video, which features every fruit you could imagine.

4. It’z Summer by Itzy

The group is known for their cool style, and this song shows you they own summer. It’z time to get energised.

5. Like That Sun by DAY6

DAY6 never disappoints and this number is further proof that they make great music. The song is about how they crave to meet someone they can love forever. It starts out with soft guitar chords before the chorus goes back to K-pop. It’s a relaxing tune.

6. Boogie Up by WJSN

This number makes you bop, and the sweet vocals give off summer vibes. It’s perfect for a pool party filled with energy.

7. Wave by Ateez

When this song starts you’ll immediately find yourself dancing, and then the boys’ soft vocals take you to a dreamy beach. The pre-chorus makes you feel as if you’re with a bunch of friends, carefree and having fun, shouting to the world how you’re ready to face the challenges of life.

8. Boy with Luv by BTS

Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy this song? Featuring Halsey, the song gets your adrenaline pumping. Imagine going on a date with one of the hot guys in the group, and the video is pure eye candy.

9. Bungee by Oh My Girl

As soon as you hear the guitar chords, you’ll know this is a great song. Anyone with a crush this summer should definitely listen to this number. The pastel colours in the music video perfectly capture the feeling of falling in love.

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