'Everything Means Nothing' on the latest release from Blackbear

  • His newest release includes hits like 'Hot Girl Bummer' and "Me & Ur Ghost' and touches on heartbreak and rebuilding your life
  • The musician also touches on his relationship with chronic pain on the album
Candace Kwan |

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Blackbear stands with Bella Thorne at the Teen Choice Awards in 2017. He recently released his fifth studio album.

Blackbear has bottled the adrenaline rush of going to a concert and distilled it into his latest album.

His fifth full-length release, Everything Means Nothing, opens with the iconic Hot Girl Bummer. You’ve heard it before - the first line “Forget you, and you, and you / I hate your friends and they hate me too” is instantly recognisable. The first few bars get your heart racing every time and you're almost always tempted to fist pump.

On the surface, this album might come across as a break-up album (which is on brand for Blackbear), but it's also a no-holds barred exploration of grief, love, and ultimately rebuilding. 

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The track list is set up perfectly - he has three songs, I Feel Bad, I Feel 2 Much, and I Felt That, lined up one after another, setting the stage for smiling through the pain. There’s a supreme sing-along quality to these songs, and at the same time, you can say that they’re eerily cheery given their subject matter. Blackbear disclosed to Apple Music that I Feel Bad is about his chronic pain, and the songs perfectly embody the relationship with chronic illness.

The second track Me & Ur Ghost captures the nostalgia and mixed feelings that come along with saying goodbye to an important connection, be it a romantic relationship or friendship. He hooks you in with another strong opener: “I’m not alone /It’s just me & ur ghost / and this cripplin’ depression/ I thought I learned my lesson”. Once again, Blackbear has transformed his heartbreak into something you’d dance to.

Although the majority of Everything Means Nothing goes deep into heartbreak, the final track Smile Again shows that brighter days are ahead. Memories linger, and it’s okay to grieve - you can’t heal until you feel, and the album is a reminder of that. No matter where you are in life, Blackbear’s devil-may-care attitude is sure to brighten your day, or at the very least, give you an added pep to your step. 

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