10 angsty pop punk and emo songs from the 2000s for when you're going through a breakup

  • From The Used to Good Charlotte and Jimmy Eat World, these songs are perfect for when you're dealing with some feelings 
  • Breakups are a normal part of life, and it's ok to feel sad and angry for a while
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You'll feel better before you know it, but make sure to let yourself be sad.

Breakups are a normal part of dating and growing up. They can really suck, they can really hurt, but we can guarantee that you will get through it and you’ll be ok. But it’s totally normal to feel sad and angry first – you need to deal with those negative emotions in order to heal. We’ve got a soundtrack to help you through that tough time. Some of the songs are celebratory, some are sad, and some are angry, but all of them are pure emo and pop punk energy.

My Friends Over You, New Found Glory

You know, they were great for a little while ... but this thing has definitely worn its course. At the end of the day, you’d pick your friends first. Sorry, but see ya later!

Blue and Yellow, The Used

Honestly, no time is ever really wasted – you can learn something from your experiences, even the negative ones. But if you just want to be angry for a bit, this is a great song for that.

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Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet? Relient K

It can be hard to think of the good times you had together during a breakup. You might not hate each other, but you can’t remember the good about each other either. This song talks about how you’ll always have love for someone, but right now, you just need some time apart.

All Hail the Heartbreaker, The Spill Canvas

It’s totally normal to obsess over tiny details about someone after you break up – the way they laugh, the way they walk. This song talks about how difficult and painful it can be to forget about all the little things you loved about someone.

Pain, Jimmy Eat World

Here’s an idea: distract yourself with some outdoor time. Walk, but during the fast-paced chorus when the lead singer belts “It takes my pain away,” run as fast as you can, then slow down again when the chorus is over. Getting some activity will be great for your post-breakup sadness.

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Silver and Cold, AFI

Are you heartbroken and want something a bit more poetic to describe it? Missing them a lot and hoping something might change to get you two back together? This is the perfect song to scream cry.

Gives You Hell, All-American Rejects

You’re broken up and you feel GREAT about it! Sure, it doesn’t pay to hold grudges, but maybe you want to be petty for just a little bit while you’re thinking about how much better off you are now. Truth be told, you really miss them. Actually, you’re lying.

Predictable, Good Charlotte

UGH, you knew it! You totally knew this would happen. You’re sick of sitting around and waiting for them, and now you’re totally done. Time to move on!

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Rough Draft, Yellowcard

Just need a good cry? This is the song for that. Maybe what the singer is trying to say is a bit childish, but so is their partner’s reaction to the situation.

All Downhill From Here, New Found Glory

This band just has some excellent, energetic “I’m SO over this” songs. This one talks about when you can tell the other person is just going through the motions in a relationship and honestly, they just really bring you down. It’s all downhill from here, so why not just cut ties and move on?

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