7 thoughts all K-pop fans had watching the Mamamoo ‘Wanna Be Myself’ video

Natasha Ho
  • The song came out on Thursday evening to the delight of ‘Moomoos’ around the world
  • While not reaching the dizzy heights of BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ views on YouTube, it had a healthy 3.8 million views within the first 20 hours
Natasha Ho |

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The four-piece are back!

The queens are back! Mamamoo, the vocal queens of K-pop, have made an OT4 comeback despite originally having only solo plans for the year, thrilling Moomoos all over the world.

They released their new song and video, Wanna Be Myself, on Thursday at 5pm (HKT) and we’ve been bopping along to it ever since.

OK, no more talking. Here are seven thoughts we had while watching the music video.

Serving natural looks

As soon as the video started, it’s a pleasant surprise to see that all the members have their natural hair colour. The black and brown locks suit them so well, and it’s nice to see a change from bleached hair. And even though their outfits are simple, chic, everyday clothes, they continue to serve serious looks. Should we even be surprised?

Vocalist Moonbyul makes a welcome return

Almost everyone agrees that Moonbyul is one of the best female rappers in the industry, but she can also slay the vocals. In this song, she blesses us with her angelic voice. Even though she technically doesn’t have rap lines in this comeback, it’s hard to complain.

Mamamoo say love yourself

Despite the hate they have often received for their unique looks, they have remained confident women who know their worth. The group has always encouraged self-esteem and self-confidence, and it’s no different in this track. After all, the song is called Wanna Be Myself” and contains lyrics such as “I respect myself” and “There is no set standard in the world ... I’m original”. Yassss!

Chill vibes only

In these troubled times, we really need some lo-fi-feel songs to help us chill out a little and relax – and Mamamoo give us exactly what we need. With their falsetto, and R&B-style instrumentals, this song is definitely a fresh new take on a familiar, welcome genre.

Take me back to the 80s

Everything – from the way this was filmed, the filters, the backgrounds, the outfits, the song itself and the vocals – is reminiscent of the 80s (which is funny since I wasn’t even born in that time). There’s just something about this song that gives off a feeling of nostalgia we can’t explain!

Beautiful choreography

The foursome has proven countless times that they are not only singing superstars, but also dancing queens, and this song just further proves they are all-stars. The choreography is simple yet pretty, and will make you want get up and dance along.

We need another video – stat!

Seeing how much we’ve gone on about how good a song this is, and how the girls are just such goddesses, there is only one conclusion: we need more content. Preferably with all four of them in white outfits with roller skates blessing us with their vocals. Can you hear us, Mamamoo?

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