6 thoughts every Orbit had watching Loona’s music video for ‘Star’

Natasha Ho
  • The K-pop girl band released their first English single on November 18
  • The song is the second released from their seven-track EP ‘12.00’
Natasha Ho |

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The video for Star is a little bit spooky, a lot dreamy, and downright awesome all in one delicious package. Photo: Instagram.com/loonatheworld

It seems Loona just aren’t capable of releasing sub-par music. Just a month after the masterpiece that is So What, the girls return with another bop, Star, that is on track to be in the running for song of the year!

Here’s six thoughts every Orbit or Loonatic had watching the music video on YouTube.

The awesomeness of including an all-English song for their non-Korean fans

There’s no question that K-pop is steadily gaining popularity around the world, so it makes sense that international fans would enjoy hearing a song they might understand more if they’re not from Korea. Loona is here to fulfil those dreams. Stars’ lyrics pull at heartstrings (plus their pronunciation is on point).

Could this be the song that catapults them into the global consciousness? Orbits go!

Versatility queens

With hit songs such as Why Not and So What, you might think Loona was a full badass girl crush group, but they have proved they can be anything they want. This comeback gives us a concept that’s refreshingly new, with a retro vibe, and a hint of something dark.

It’s really creative and suits the song well: the track is about falling in love with someone yet also being a little obsessed with them ...


OK but can we take a moment to appreciate Loona’s stylists?! The girls look their absolute best. From the retro, peachy-pink – and all unique – opening outfits, to the black and glittery gowns that reek of elegance, they’re all major wardrobe goals.

Stunning setting

Can we also give the set designers a raise? Like, EXCUSE ME? It’s variously festive, and fun, ethereal and just the right side of spooky.

And that final scene, with the carnival vibe? Incredible.

Vocals serve

I ain’t kidding when I say Loona is insanely talented, their vocals are a blessing.As expected, main vocalists HaSeul and Chuu don’t disappoint, nor do lead vocalists Yves, Jinsoul, Kim Lip and HeeJin.

But the rest aren’t there to play either. They’re all serving vocal heaven.

My first love

The whole feeling of this video is like a Christmas holiday in a dream. In the dream, you’re wandering the streets, and the snow starts to fall, when through the flakes you see someone beautiful.

While there isn’t a storyline as such, you can’t help but imagine the track playing as you lock eyes with that sweet stranger, and sit watching the stars together. Just dreamy.

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