Blackpink’s YouTube concert ‘The Show’ review: K-pop supergroup wows fans

Bridget Lam
  • Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa performed hits like ‘Kill This Love’ and ‘Forever Young’
  • Each of the members had a solo during this exciting and emotional event, with Rosé singing her upcoming single 'Love Is Gone'
Bridget Lam |

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“The Show” was exactly what Blinks needed to cheer themselves up during the pandemic. Photo: Handout

Blinks around the world are feeling extremely satisfied after getting a huge treat from K-pop sensation Blackpink. The group’s live stream concert The Show was held on YouTube on January 31 and was packed with performances of some of the group’s biggest hits.

The Show began with a mysterious video featuring sights of dark and empty cities around the world. The four members of Blackpink were then revealed, launching into a powerful performance of one of their biggest hits, Kill This Love.

From fast-paced numbers packed with energetic dancing as well as calmer performances of Blackpink’s slower side-tracks, the group effectively showcased their talents by covering a wide variety of genres.

A particularly memorable performance was Blackpink’s most popular song to date, Ddu-du Ddu-du. At the beginning of the routine, fire shot out from behind them as they walked into a shallow pool of water one by one and started dancing. Countless back-up dancers joined them and started making more splashes in the water. Mark my words, this performance will make waves on the internet (pun intended).

Each of the four members, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, had solo performances, bringing their own style to the songs. Jisoo sang a mesmerising cover of Habits by Tove Lo, while Lisa’s upbeat performance of Say So by Doja Cat transported viewers back to the 1970s. Jennie wore an impressive top that resembled a rose while powerfully performing her captivating single, Solo.

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All Blinks were waiting for Rosé’s turn, when she would perform her highly anticipated song Love is Gone. With an electric guitar strumming in the background, Love Is Gone highlights Rosé’s angelic vocals while radiating strong vintage vibes.

The concert also included a short video where the members talked about how they felt when performing for Blinks during previous shows, which offered a touching look at how fans affect the group.

The final performance of Forever Young was especially emotional, as the stage was filled with messages from Blinks.

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Blackpink ended the show by introducing the other members of the band who play music in their performances and thanked their parents, as well as the Blinks watching, leaving us feeling slightly emotional. As they walked off the stage, we couldn’t help but say goodbye, even though they couldn’t see or hear us.

The Show surely cheered up Blinks around the world. Even though it was fully online, viewers could feel their presence from wherever they were. Overall, The Show was extremely enjoyable from start to finish.

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