Meet Verivery, the new kids on the K-pop block already making global waves

  • The band topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart and iTunes charts around the world
  • Their new track, ‘Get Away’, sees the group take a more serious musical and thematic turn
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Verivery are K-pop's current hottest act. Photo: Jellyfish Entertainment

Rising K-pop group Verivery is back on the music world’s radar, with their latest single Get Away giving them a spot on a US Billboard chart again.

This is the second time the band has been on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart, which tracks the 25 best-selling digital singles around the world. Verivery’s first appearance on the chart was last October with their track G.B.T.B., an acronym for “Go Beyond the Barriers”.

Get Away – the lead single from their second single album Series ‘O’ [Round1:Hall] – has gone further down the dark road they set out on with G.B.T.B., and sees another growth spurt for the group.

Young Post quizzed the crew about this giant step along on their journey, and dug deeper to find out what’s behind the theme.

“The style of the new single album is pretty dark,” says Yeonho, the group’s main vocalist, who is especially enthusiastic about their new material.

“It allows us to discover and unveil the dark places inside of us in a positive way.” He adds the group wanted to show a more mature side on the new record, as well as show off some electrifying dance moves.

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Their older songs, like Tag Tag Tag and Lay Back, were all about youth and sweet romance. But Get Away sees the crew suit up in black and explore their more sophisticated emotions. The transformation from wide-eyed schoolboys to “Men In Black” has worked wonders.

Get Away has topped Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart this week, as well as iTunes K-pop charts in seven countries, including Germany, Britain and India.

The reggae-pop number tells a powerful story of discovering one’s inner self. The video opens with an invitation to a party, sent by some mysterious host. The boys must find the “key” to the party, where a sumptuous feast and some surprise guests await.

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Yeonho tells us the idea of an invitation to a secret party comes from the movies and TV shows the band members enjoy; shows that revolve around frenzied parties, which in turn inspired the group to ramp up the energy in their choreography.

Another source of inspiration, says leader Dongheon, who is also the principal rapper and dancer, “are the famous scenes in our videos from last year’s Face It series of EPs, which are full of the imagery of the letter ‘O’.”

The circular letter is a recurring theme in Verivery’s music, symbolising depth, eyes, infinite possibilities and connections. It even extends to the images of band members huddled together that carry through many of their videos.

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The music video combines futuristic elements with a sense of dark academia, the aesthetic inspired by mystery and Renaissance arts, and switches back and forth between a monochrome space where the band dances and the party scene.

Despite the musical and thematic shift in style on the new release, though, Verivery assure us that their passion for their work remains unchanged. They compare themselves to an anime character that embodies what the band is all about.

“In South Korea, there is this basketball manga called Slam Dunk and its character is Kang Baekho,” Dongheon says. Slam Dunk originated in Japan where Kang Baekho is known as Hanamichi Sakuragi.

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The character plays power forward for the school basketball team, and is known for his stamina and zeal for the game.

“We are like Kang Baekho,” says Dongheon.

“Nothing will take away our passion,” adds Yeonho.

And it appears the fruits of their labour are becoming clear to everyone.

“No matter what, our goal for 2021 is to meet our fans in person,” lead vocalist Gyehyeon says.

“The other is making Verivery known to the whole world.”

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