Red Velvet’s ‘Queendom’ music video: 5 reactions we had to Seulgi’s orange hair and similarities to ‘Zimzalabim’ MV

Natasha Ho
  • ReVeluvs might be also surprised by Joy’s rapping and the fantastical concept that seems like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ meets ‘Harry Potter’
  • The title track of the mini album with the same name is the SM Entertainment girl group’s most recent release since their 2019 EP “The ReVe Festival: Day 1”, which featured the hit track ‘Psycho’
Natasha Ho |

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K-pop girl group Red Velvet has released a music video for ‘Queendom’. Photo: YouTube

The queens of K-pop, Red Velvet, have officially made their comeback with mini album “Queendom” and a title track of the same name.

This is the group’s first release since their 2019 EP, “The ReVe Festival: Day 1”, which featured the hit single Psycho, and the fandom, who call themselves ReVeluvs, has been eagerly awaiting new music.

Here are a few thoughts we had while watching the music video for Red Velvet’s Queendom.

Fantastical concept

It is a generally acknowledged fact that Red Velvet members are the chameleons of K-pop because of their constantly-changing concepts, from Ice Cream Cake’s cute concept to Bad Boy’s more mature girl crush concept, and Psycho’s Victorian concept.

This time, they presented us with a modern take on Alice in Wonderland meets Harry Potter.

In the video, an AirPod falls into a sewer and floats around the singers as they show off their magical abilities in brightly painted rooms. Then, they travel through the clouds to a land with grass fields, where they have a tea party.

The grand return of orange-haired Seulgi

If there is one thing that many ReVeluvs can agree on (which is rare), it is that orange-haired Seulgi from the Russian Roulette era was an aesthetic blessing for K-pop lovers.

Her brightly coloured locks have made their grand return in this new MV. We didn’t think it would be possible to surpass the original look, but we have to admit that the fringe and curls make it so much cuter.

Connections to Zimzalabim

Zimzalabim was an iconic song for the K-pop group, and we were pleasantly surprised to find some hints of its music video in Queendom.

In the Zimzalabim MV, the Red Velvet members are also in a fantastical land, where they have a tea party at some point. Queendom also had other hints of Zimzalabim’s quirks, such as when a member leaves mysterious paw prints, and when they hold a magical blue light in their hands.

Let’s just say the storylines in Red Velvet’s videos are top notch – there are similar threads that connect them, even with the group’s ever-changing concepts.

Joy’s rapping

Although ReVeluvs often praise the group’s heavenly vocals, that does not mean the members are lacking in other departments. We were genuinely surprised when Joy, who rarely raps despite her title as lead rapper, started rapping after the first verse.

Yeri and Irene also brought their best with lines such as, “We are Queens in the red castle. Don’t need a crown, we were born to dazzle”. Queendom indeed!

The queens are slaying it

In the chorus, they sing, “’Cause we are queens and kings”, and not only was the use of both titles interesting, but also the naming of queens before kings is pleasantly empowering.

For Red Velvet’s ending pose, they assemble as a group with Irene, the leader, in the centre. The pose even seems to resemble the shape of a crown.

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