Hong Kong singer-songwriter Gareth.T drops first Cantonese single, just in time for Christmas

  • The festive ballad ‘Hyperromantic’ talks about being a struggling artist and how money can’t buy true love
  • Lyricist Wyman Wong wrote the song using slang and conversational Cantonese
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“Hyperromantic” is Gareth.T’s fourth single of the year and his first in Cantonese.

Rising singer-songwriter Gareth.T has partnered with renowned Canto-pop lyricist Wyman Wong to drop his first-ever Cantonese single Hyperromantic on Friday, a jazzy Christmas ballad released just in time for the festive season.

Hyperromantic is comforting and borderline melancholic, with a mix of upbeat rhythms for good measure. In the single, the 21-year-old opens up about being a struggling artist. Though he does not make a lot of money, he believes that money isn’t as valuable as romance or true love – priceless gifts that money can’t buy.

The singer posted the first few lines of the lyrics on his social media accounts on Monday, revealing the opening line as: “People say I’m stupid. How do you earn a fortune from writing songs?”

The music video for Hyperromantic exudes 80s vibes and sees Tong pay tribute to the decade’s music scene in Hong Kong. It also shows him decked out in 80s fashion and playing electric guitar.

Gareth.T talks about his musical journey

While lyricist Wyman Wong is known for his sophisticated and poetic works, the wordsmith chose to write the song in full colloquial Cantonese, which is a lot more conversational and full of slang.

Wong posted on Instagram that this would be his only Christmas song this year, adding that he was thrilled to collaborate with the singer-songwriter, saying: “You have no idea how eager I was to work with Gareth”.

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The more down-to-earth lyrical style pairs well with Gareth’s groovy and rhythmic vocals.

“This song comes from an emerging local singer-songwriter from Tung Chung, who is often mistaken for a foreigner,” he said on Instagram.

Gareth. T has racked up more than six million streams on Spotify. Hyperromantic is his fourth single of the year, following Speed Limit, Boyfriend Material and honest (feat. moon tang).

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