‘Flappy Bird’ reborn: How to unlock the new ‘Flying Face’ filter on Instagram right now


A new AR game, styled after the cult 2013 mobile game, requires a lot of blinking, and can only be played after you follow a particular user

Kelly Fung |

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Young Post's Jamie (left) is worse at blinking than Alejo. A lot worse.

Remember when Flappy Bird suddenly rose to fame in 2013? The 2D retro style game, developed by Vietnamese game artist, Dong Nguyen, gave a lot of people plenty of heartburn - and very little sleep - as players tried to navigate a little yellow bird through some green pipes.

The game was subsequently deleted from the Apple App Store and Google Play, resulting in people selling iPhones with the game pre-installed for thousands of dollars online. Nguyen made the executive decision to delete the game after feeling guilty over what he considered to be its addictive nature.

Flappy Bird fans are in luck, because a similar style game has just been dropped on Instagram. And of course, we at Young Post had to give it a go!

Flying Face is an AR mobile game developed by Instagram user @dvoshanksky. The only difference between this and Flappy Bird is that you must control the bird by blinking.

How well you do depends on the frequency of your blinking. Blinking at a controlled pace will help the bird to go through the green pillars. But lose that momentum, and your bird will drop to the ground, or hit a pipe. It allows a maximum of two players to take the challenge.

But this game wasn't created by Instagram, so it’s not readily available on the app. In order to unlock the game, users must follow @dvoshansky first. Once that’s done, re-open Instagram and create a new story. From there, click the face filter button, and you will see the option to play Flying Face. Happy playing!

Watch our videographer Alejo Rodriguez Lo and Special Projects Editor Jamie Lam battle it out below!



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