Counting down the Top 10 games of 2015 so far

Ready to have some gaming fun but don't know where to start? Take a look at the Top 10 games of 2015 for your playing pleasure

Wong Tsui-kai |

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Some very good games were released this year. This list might not have all the biggest and best of the bunch, but they all have something that sets them apart.

1 Angry Birds 2

This simple game of throwing unhappy birds at pigs in buildings has clever design, fun graphics and a certain "just one more try" factor. Angry Birds may not be king of the mobile nest anymore, but when developer Rovio gets 30 million downloads in two weeks, it's worth checking out.

2 Cities: Skylines

A solid simulator where you plan and build your own city from the underground up, starting with water pipes and subways, to airports and beyond. With mostly positive reviews, Cities: Skylines helps us forget about 2013's terrible Simcity. Another great game from Colossal Order (Cities in Motion) and Paradox Interactive ( Crusader Kings).

3 Fallout 4

Fallout is back with more post-nuclear apocalyptic fun! The series has been super popular since the original game, named Fallout (what else?), was released in 1997. It made tonnes of "Top 10 Best/Greatest/Most influential/Whatever-est game ever" lists. This newest version is set six years after Fallout: New Vegas.

4 Halo 5: Guardians

The first person shooter Halo 5 continues the saga of Master Chief John-117, one of the best-known faceless heroes in video game history. Halo 5 carries on the series tradition of interesting plots, cool music, and great gameplay.

5 I Am Bread

I Am Bread is not here because of its gameplay (both confusing and frustrating) or its storyline (almost nothing). It's here because of YouTube.

A video sensation, I Am Bread is a top game for LetsPlayers, YouTube personalities, anyone who records themselves screaming into their microphones, and of course, PewDiePie.

6 Kerbal Space Program

This space flight simulator has you planning missions and building rockets to send creatures called Kerbals to space. Spectacular failures optional. Players often challenge themselves by making the most outlandish rockets possible, or even simulating real-life space missions, such as the moonshot or the Mars landings. All that, plus it's endorsed by Nasa, the European Space Agency, and SpaceX genius Elon Musk.

7 Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

MGS V is the latest, and potentially last, instalment of the Hideo Kojima series.

The third-person stealth series has always been known for its polished gameplay and detailed (perhaps overly so) storylines, and TPP is no exception.

8 Pillars of Eternity

A poster boy for indie kickstarter success, raising US$4 million.

Pillars goes back to the days where games were mostly about the story, bringing back the CRPG experience with some of the best writing in recent memory.

9 Star Wars: Battlefront

This is the heavyweight champion, a video game adaption of the Star Wars universe.

The first/third person action/shooter is developed by Ea Dice, known for its other FPS series, Battlefield. Fans are hopeful that the multiplayer offering can both capture the feel of the Star Wars galaxy and match the play experience of the old Battlefield games.

10 World of Warships

The latest from Wargaming, this is a simple game, much like its sisters, the massively successful World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.

You sail/drive/fly a ship/tank/plane and shoot other dudes over the internet. No need for a fancy plot or story, just gameplay where you blow up your friends for a good fun time.