PlayStation 4 upcoming games preview: First impressions of ‘Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled’, ‘Samurai Shodown’ and more


We take a sneak peek at the hottest unreleased PS4 games at an exclusive media event

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Bored of Mario Kart? Try Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled.

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We got a bit of hands-on time with some upcoming PlayStation titles at an exclusive media preview event this week, so here are our first impressions of these exciting games and VR experiences!

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

A remaster of 1999 kart racing game staring the genetically enhanced bandicoot Crash and the cast of characters from the platforming franchise, CTR: Nitro-fueled is shaping up to be a colourful and competent Mario Kart clone.

The controls felt smooth, and the items you can use to disrupt your opponents (such as a giant cannon ball you can lob at blazing speed) were satisfying to use. Though the cartoony graphics don’t look as smooth as Mario Kart, the game should be a fun ride for fans of the series.

Samurai Shodown

The 12th entry in the longstanding versus fighting game from SNK Corporation will launch with more than 15 playable characters with a samurai theme.

In our brief time playing as the ninja Galford, who is aided in battle by his pet husky Poppy, the moves were snappy and special techniques were responsive and controlled well. The graphics were also bright and energetic and this 2019 version looks to be a good return to form for the hard core fighting franchise.

Blood & Truth

A first-person shooter that is only available as a virtual reality experience for the PlayStation VR, Blood & Truth casts the player as a former Special Forces soldier who must fight his way through London to save his family.

Current VR technology is not up to the task of developing a really immersive experience yet. The Move controllers didn’t respond very well to the actions on screen, and the shooting mechanics were fine, but not incredibly impressive.

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is a VR game that shies away from the normal violent nature of most titles and instead relies on a player’s creativity.

Ash, a young boy, has the power to bring whatever he paints to life. Using the Move controllers, players have to solve puzzles as Ash, by painting the appropriate objects needed to progress. For example, in one of the opening levels players must paint a sun to light up the room to progress.

This experience could be fun for those with artistic flair, but as with Blood & Truth, the VR helmet is clunky and players may get a headache if they play for too long.

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