Appee Christmas! Top 5 apps to download for the holiday season

Dreading passing the time on relatives' sofas while your mum chats for hours? Celebrate the most fun and enjoyable time of the year with this selection of festive apps

Lauren James |

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SnowCraft, mobile snowball-fighting game.

Where is Santa Lite

"If you don't believe, you won't receive," goes the old saying. Keep tabs on Father Christmas as he speeds around the world dropping off gifts to those who have been on their best behaviour all year.

Not just made for Christmas Eve, this app gives you Santa's accurate location at any time of the year - you can even check in on him when he jets off to Bermuda for the summer holidays!

Available: iOS/Android - Free

GlowTunes Christmas

Home too small to wedge in a real fir tree? Decorate your own virtual tree with pretty lights that glow and play songs.

You just select a colour and tap on the tree to add your lights, before pressing play and jamming out to a funky, flashing music show. And it's not all sleigh bells! Pop a pan flute on the branches and set it to rainbow mode for a crazy crimbo hoe-down.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

It may be pretty old by now, but Dr Seuss' story of the cynical green monster and the town of Whoville is timeless. The bitter and grouchy Grinch is hellbent on stopping Christmas coming to the village, and is hated for it … until one little girl decides to find out why.

This playful, narrated, interactive adaptation of the tale includes hidden surprises, mini-games and lots of new vocabulary to learn and practise.

Available: iOS/Android - HK$28

Pimp Santa's Sleigh

Hey Santa! Pimpin' sled yo! Where you get them sweet, diamond-encrusted rails? Let the compliments roll in as you customise, or "pimp", Father C's ride, choosing from an exciting selection of engines, accessories, rails and body options.

There are more than one million variations you can come up with - from Fast and Furious style, to a pirate ship-inspired sledge, and a gingerbread house complete with candy cane rails. Sleigh Santa, Sleigh!

Available: iOS/Android - Free


Could this be the winter game of all time? Launched in 1998 as a web game, SnowCraft became a viral phenomenon and has now made the leap to iOS and Android.

Without all the bells, whistles and graphics wizardry of modern games, you're left with a deceptively simple, yet vicious snowball-fighting game involving two teams. There can only be one winner.

Be aware of how addictive it is, and prepare for an aching "snowball wrist".

Available: iOS - HK$8/Android - Free