‘BTS World’ game review: ARMYs will love K-Pop management sim; non-fans not so much

By YP cadet Olivia Tan

Interact with Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook as their manager in new freemium mobile game by Netmarble

By YP cadet Olivia Tan |

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With the recent release of their Map of the Soul: Persona album, Burn The Stage documentary, and Speak Yourself Stadium Tour, K-pop musical sensations BTS has experienced widespread success on all fronts. It is no surprise then that their most recent launch, a mobile game called BTS World, has already debuted at number 1 among iPhone and Android free apps in the Hong Kong region. 

The interactive game, where players become the band’s “manager,” is perfect for ARMYs but could be a hard pass for non-fans. 

The premise of the game has players going back in time to 2012, before the band’s debut. They become the manager of the group’s agency, Big Hit, and are given the task of gathering the boys together and propelling them towards success. Players must work through a series of missions and challenges by using stats from BTS member cards to pass a certain baseline. 

As the game progresses, additional cards and features are unlocked. After passing chapter one, players can also follow the members’ individual hypothetical lives if they hadn’t followed the path of a k-pop star. As is typical for a freemium mobile game, real money can be spent on premium currency but the game doles out enough freebies so players won't feel forced into spending real cash.

BTS World is perfect for ARMYs, or fans of the group, because of the high level of interaction it has with its players. The storyline is told through images and videos, and players can “engage” with the members through text, calls, and even social media posts. 

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Additional features include assigning members to tasks in their daily schedule, receiving moving photo cards, and styling the members by selecting different hairstyles and outfits for them. This game is best suited for individual players, but it can be fun for friends to compare the separate missions they have with the members in the alternate storyline. Due to the wide array of features offered in the app, the game may be initially quite confusing to navigate. However, the graphics and gameplay are overall quite smooth.

Players of the app should have a strong connection to the internet. Without Wi-fi, gameplay is quite laggy and it is hard for features such as the videos and phone calls from the members to work properly. An area of improvement could be allowing for this game to be played offline.The missions and storyline are also very easy to get through, so people not interested in BTS are likely to get bored. 

For those looking for a fun game to play, but are not fans of K-pop, BTS World may not be the game for you. However, it is a game come true for avid BTS fans and brings interaction with the band to a whole new level. ARMYs should download it from the app store today. 

Edited by Jamie Lam