Five flash games to kill an afternoon with

Wong Tsui-kai |

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It takes practice to be good at Tetris.

Before the days of smartphone apps, consoles and PCs were the most popular ways to play games. The browser-based Flash game was perhaps the single most popular way to kill time during long stretches with nothing to do. These games can now be found online - you don't have to download any software for them, and most are free.

Whether you're into cute monkeys jumping from vine to vine or armoured warriors battling for their lives, there is a Flash game out there to entice you. So here are five retro game sites to kill a lazy Chinese New Year afternoon with.

Addicting games

With a diverse selection, Addicting Games is certainly worthy of the name. Racing, shooting, puzzles and more all have a place here. Of particular interest is the puzzle section, where The Impossible Quiz sits as the single most popular game on the site.


If you're a sucker for all things super cutesy, Orisinal is the site for you. It has a good range of Flash games that will suck you in until you lose all track of time, and all of them are just so darn adorable! Pocket Full of Stars and Cats are delightful.


Possibly one of the more time-consuming sites around, Kongregate has games with saves! And achievements after you open an account! And a chat function! Technology has advanced much since the days of all PCs using Internet Explorer.


It's simple, really. Eat the fish smaller than you and don't get eaten by the fish bigger than you. Be warned: the music is as addictive as Fishy itself.


A venerable classic, now in Flash form. Stack blocks, remove blocks. There's something simple yet satisfying about Tetris. Playing the theme tune on YouTube in another window highly recommended.