‘Resort Boss: Golf’ is a sandbox for designing the golf course of your dreams [Game Review]

Manage your own golf resort and play through the golf courses you design in this indie simulation game

Wong Tsui-kai |

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The options for designing your own golf course are very detailed in 'Resort Boss: Golf'.

Resort Boss: Golf is a resort management and tycoon game where you can build the golf resort of your dreams. From designing the perfect course to overseeing the operation of the whole resort, you’ll need to micromanage every aspect of the game to keep your guests happy and rack up your score.

The centrepiece of the game is the golf course creation mechanics. You can customise every aspect of the course, starting with setting up a tee, the hole, and defining the play area. You can then tweak the course to your heart’s content with grass, dirt, sand, water hazards and more. The amazing amount of detail will either keep you entertained for hours, or make you give up very quickly depending on your affinity for sweating the small stuff.

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The resort management aspect of the game is less demanding. There are some buildings and facilities to upgrade that can make your guests happier, and a mission system where you can take requests to cater to special VIP visitors. With a bit of fiddling and knowledge of the game, you can get a feel for how to keep your guests happy and grow your bottom line.

You can also take control of a tiny avatar and play the courses you have designed. It’s a refreshing way to take a break from the daily grind of management, and to check if your courses are actually fun.

But before teeing off on the actual course, we highly recommend watching someone else play it first (for example, the video of the developers playing it on Twitch) so you get a solid feel for the game mechanics and can dive right into it without the confusion of figuring out where all the buttons are. Without this primer, the controls are a challenge to figure out by themselves.

However, the real point of the game isn’t to be challenged, but to have the freedom to build whatever you want in a sandbox environment. Just like the old generation of simulators like SimCity or Roller Coaster Tycoon, you can let your creativity flow. If you like fiddling with everything until it’s just right, this is the golf sim for you. If you just want to play, there are other golfing games out there.

Note: This review was written with an early access copy provided by Excalibur Games.

Edited by Jamie Lam