‘Apex Legends’ beginner tips and tricks: 7 ways to win more matches

By Alejo Rodriguez Lo

The newest battle royale shooter is an awesome hero-based take on games like Fortnite and PUBG; here are some tips on how to excel

By Alejo Rodriguez Lo |

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Bloodhound's ability lets him mark all enemies around him in a small area.

Apex Legends may have only launched last week, but this relative newcomer by Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has already amassed an incredible 25 million players, and is becoming one of the most streamed games on Twitch.

This free-to-play team-based hero battle royale shooter is available on multiple platforms, which means you may have already tried your hand at it. So without further ado, here are seven tips to help you improve your game and land a spot on the champion screen right now.

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Know your legends and consider your play style

It’s important to learn about the legends, as each and every one of them has different abilities that can affect your gameplay. Whether it’s the healing drone for Lifeline, area detection for Bloodhound, or gun shield for Gibraltar, each ability is unique to its hero, and works best in different combat situations. Pick one that is suitable for your play style and work with your teammates to maximise your abilities.

Land together, but separate soon

The game will assign a jumpmaster for each match: a player in charge of guiding the team to their starting zone on the map. Your legend will naturally follow the jumpmaster, and you should split away from your teammates, but not until the last stretch. This way you are not competing for loot with your teammates at the beginning in the game.

Loot priority

When you first land on the ground, you will be looking for guns and gear to upgrade your stats for the inevitable gunfights. You should always prioritise picking up body armour, helmets, guns and ammo first, in case you find yourself in an early fight. Weapon attachments, shield recharges, and health packs can wait until you're sure you are safe or your teammates don’t need saving.

Use your abilities frequently

Legend abilities are there to help you win matches and they recharge pretty quickly, so don’t worry about wasting them. For example, Pathfinder’s grappling hook should be used as much as possible to help you navigate the terrain, or even flank your enemies. Lifeline’s ultimate will call in a dropship with high level defensive gear, which will give your team a big advantage because you can restock faster than other teams.

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Understanding the colour of the hit markers

When you land a shot on someone, a damage number will appear next to them in different colours. If it’s purple, it means they still have purple armour on and you will have to land more shots on them to deplete their armour. However if the damage number is white with a red circle inside, this means they have no armour left and are venerable to being knocked down. That is the time to play aggressively and push for the knock down.

Each legend has a unique ultimate ability that can turn the tide of battle.
Photo: Electronic Arts Inc

Don’t limit yourself to a tunnel vision

Even though it is very tempting to just gun down the enemy while they are knocked down, his or her teammates might be waiting to take you down while you are concentrating on this one opponent. While the enemy is knocked down, he or she cannot attack, so focus on his teammates - knock them down as well and you will get all the kills afterwards. This goes for picking up your teammates from knock downs as well, make sure the coast is clear before helping them out.

Ping, ping, ping away

Apex Legend’s best feature is the ping system, which allows players to provide each other information on enemies, loot and even directional information. Your teammates can’t see what’s on your screen, so giving a ping (a directional marker) will let them know where the enemies are and how you will approach them.

Edited by Jamie Lam