‘Apex Legends’ tips and tricks for Lifeline: ace combat medic

By Alejo Rodriguez Lo

Keep your teammates in good health while still dominating the firefight as the newest battle royale game's only healer

By Alejo Rodriguez Lo |

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Being the medic isn't glamorous work, but every team needs one.

Apex Legends, the new team-based battle royale shooter currently taking the gaming world by storm, can be a little overwhelming for newcomers. That’s why we’ve written this handy character guide for Lifeline, one of the best characters for beginners to play.

Lifeline is a combat medic and the only healing class character in Apex Legends. Her support abilities are invaluable after skirmishes, especially when you haven’t come across many healing items during the match. She is almost a must-pick for every three-member team.

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Heal faster

Lifeline’s “Combat Medic” passive trait lets you use all healing items 25 per cent faster, including shield rechargers. Don’t hesitate to use up your own items on teammates so they can get back in the fight more quickly. They can always drop their stash of healing items for you to pick up after the enemies have been taken care of.

Lifeline will also automatically throw up a directional shield when reviving downed teammates. Remember to position your shield in the direction of the last known location of enemy gunfire, especially if your friend was killed by a long distance sniper.

Your personal healthcare companion

Her player-activated tactical ability is the “D.O.C. Heal Drone” which heals all teammates in a limited area around the drone. Once deployed, it can’t be moved, so be sure to find a place with good cover. Then ping the drone’s location so your teammates know they can top up their health without using up valuable items. The recharge time for her tactical ability is one minute, the longest in the game, so be sure to save it only for big team fights.

A good defence is the best offence

Finally, Lifeline’s ultimate ability is the “Care Package”, which has a recharge time of six minutes. This will call in a dropship filled with high-quality defensive gear to appear at a player-designated location. Make sure you only use this ability when there are no enemy teams around as they are also able to pick up the loot from your supply drop. Defensive items include helmets, body armour, healing items and knockdown shields. You will usually get at least a blue rarity item, but it often drops purple epic items later in the game.

Lifeline is a versatile character that keeps the whole team in good shape, so be sure to stick with your squadmates and focus on support.

Edited by Jamie Lam