Counter Strike: Global Offensive is great fun and actually realistic [Review]

Pauline Wong
Pauline Wong |

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You may have defeated Call of Duty, and it may be currently sitting at the bottom of a drawer, but you will never be able to put Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) away. There are endless variations to how the game pans out, meaning you can play almost forever.

In this first-person shooter, gamers from all over the world can work together to complete objectives or eliminate the enemy. Each player can either join the counter-terrorist team or the terrorist team for that particular round, with each team having its own special features or weapons.

Unlike many other shooter games, CS:GO is actually realistic. After players are killed, they cannot respawn immediately but must wait until the next round before they can play again. Moreover, you have to buy your own weapons before every round; money is awarded based on your previous performances. This is what real-life battle looks like, right? What's more, the graphics are beautiful, with incredibly life-like characters and surroundings.

CS:GO never gets boring. There are eight game modes to choose, six online modes and two offline, so you can play it anytime, anywhere. Each mode has a unique objective: planting and defusing bombs, protecting hostages, hardcore fights, and so on. Your fellow teammates and enemies are actual fellow gamers, so there will always be a different ending to each game!

Counter Strike is often intense, but this never makes it anything less than amazing fun. It is a never-ending adventure, and one that will improve your gaming skills really quickly without you even realising.