Fallout: New Vegas, rebuilding a broken world [Review]

By YP cadet Matthew Furniss
By YP cadet Matthew Furniss |

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Imagine a world thrown back into the stone age – except with cool-looking futuristic technology – where there’s nothing left but rubble. That’s Fallout: New Vegas, a game that takes place after a nuclear war between the US and China has destroyed civilisation.

Now, the remnants of civilisation are split into deeply divided factions, fighting for survival in a world of hostility, radiation, and creatures who mutated after being exposed to the nukes. One faction of humanity has taken shelter in underground vaults across the United States.

As you set out to explore this post-apocalyptic world, you don’t know much about who you are or where you came from before the war. All you know is that the jumpsuit you’re wearing says you’re from Vault 21 ... but nobody knows if that’s true.

Your mission is to deliver a package to someone (you’ll see more of them later in the game), but of course things aren’t quite as simple as that.

There is an ongoing war between two of the biggest factions. On one side there is the New Californian Republic (NCR), a self-proclaimed government with a large military force. It tries to protect as many settlements as possible, as long as it serves to benefit them somehow.

And on the other side we have Caesar’s Legion, a faction that is feared by anyone who stands against them. They’ve based themselves upon the same systematic government of the ancient Romans – including the part about them owning slaves.

It pretty obvious who the good and bad guys are, but it is still your choice to team up with either the NCR, or Caesar’s Legion. The decision you make will determine the future of the Mojave wasteland.