The top 5 apps to train your brain

Why play a normal game, when you could be playing one that sharpens your mind? So quit crushing candy and lining up gemstones and give your brain the workout it deserves

Veronica Lin |

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Customised to your own needs and abilities, this is one of the most well-developed and sophisticated brain-training apps. It’s filled with mini games that start off as a piece of cake, but quickly get more difficult and soon become super challenging. Each game has a clear purpose of what kind of brain skill it is training, and the app charts your progress so you can see how you are improving in each category. You also get a rating which shows how well you’re doing compared to other players in your age group.

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Mind Games

Both practical and user-friendly, this app will give you the skills you need in your daily life. For instance, the Face Memory game allows you to avoid running into awkward situations, such as having trouble remembering people’s names. Other mini games on this app, such as Math Star or Vocabulary Power, might even help you to get higher marks on exams.

Available: iOS/Android – Free


Memory training is no longer limited to memorising and recalling hundreds of numbers or cards. Instead, it consists of fun and creative little games that improve your memory without you even knowing it. This app has the classic memory-training games, such as word search and matching games, but also includes more than 30 other games to help you to stay focused and get better at multi-tasking.


Available: iOS/Android – Free

Fit Brains Trainer

Apart from matching mahjong tiles, this app will also train you to decode facial expressions! Say what? Indeed, the coolest thing about this app is that it actually helps to improve your emotional intelligence, teaching you how to collaborate with others, as well as understanding their feelings and emotions. You can also set a daily training alarm, which helps you stay on track with your training each day.

Available: iOS/Android – Free


Have you always wanted a sharper mind when reading a textbook or doing a listening test for an exam? Fear not, Elevate is here to help! This app improves your cognitive skills by helping you process information faster, and improving your mental agility. Two mini games, called Focus and Precision, will help you ace your English exams at school, as well as help you become a more attentive listener and eloquent speaker.

Available: iOS/Android – Free