8 rare Pokemon that are super hard to catch

Eunice Yip
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How is catching them all going for you?

Catch them all is easier said than done. Some of these are super elusive, and some aren't even available in Hong Kong!

1. Kangaskkhan

This kangaroo is only available in Australia and New Zealand. You can either catch one in the wild, or hatch one from a 5km egg.

Gif via Pokemon Amino

2. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is super exclusive! He can only be hatched from a 10km egg or caught in Europe. *books flight to Europe*

3. Tauros

This strong bull could only be found in North America or hatched from a 5km egg. If you have a 5km egg, you can try for it ... good luck!

4. Ditto

You's probably like, "what?! Ditto?! I never saw him!" Rejoice: Ditto isn’t in Hong Kong yet but it’s on the list at #132! Let’s hope we see it soon.

5. Articuno

What, what, what?! This legendary Pokemon is out for us to catch?! No, not yet; but it’s on the list at #144.

6. Zaptos

Breathe. Also a legend, this Pokemon is on the list at #145 after Articuno.

Gif via Ash K. on Bulbagarden Forums

7. Moltres

Oh, oh, oh! The fiery Pokemon! On the list at #146, Moltres is also not available yet like the last three Pokemon.

8. Mew and Mewtwo

This may be the most coveted pair, but too bad, they are also not available yet. In fact, they're on the list as the last two boxes. Ugh.

Gifs via GIPHY