Klipsch R6i in-ear headphones are a steal for the sound quality they provide [Review]

By Ben Young

If you're looking for a pair of top-tier headphones at a mid-tier price, the Klipsch R6i in-ear buds deserve a look

By Ben Young |

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The R6i in-ear headphones from Klipsch come in white or black.

The R6i In-ear headphones from American audio company Klipsch are tough to beat for the very reasonable price of HK$699. With hard-hitting bass, crisp synths and vocal clarity, these slick-looking earbuds are what you’d call a top-tier sound system for the price of a mid-tier one.

Sporting an efficient, comfortable design, these pack a powerful punch despite their small size and light weight. They're only available in black and white, but they’re fashionable enough; especially for minimalists not overly concerned with flashy designs.

Still, the R6i is not focused on making a fashion statement, but more on delivering excellent sound performance for music purists .

Although the highs are comfortably crisp, the true strength lies in the pounding bass, which withstands distortion from all tracks except for low frequency electronic music at maxed-out volumes . If you enjoy listening to music at a volume that keeps your hearing reasonably intact, you will have no problems with this model.