Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon [Review]

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It's all fun and games until you meet Hakkon. Photo: TNS

You may have defeated Corypheus, but the Inquisition is far from over. Jaws of Hakkon, the recent DLC expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition takes you to an all new area called Frostback Basin, in the southern region of Thedas. It's a mountainous area, marked by thick forests in the valley below, and a new enemy faction called the Jaws of Hakkon who want nothing less than war with the rest of the world.

JOH is meant for late or post-campaign characters. Enemies here start at level 20, so you should be prepared for some high-level battles. Hakkonite groups are generally large, with multiple mages, archers and sometimes a couple of one-shot kill assassins. Among the most challenging are the Great Hammer-wielding warriors that can take a tonne of punishment.

In the expansive Frostback Basin there are ruins to loot, Fade rifts to close and enemies to slay. It comes with quite a bit of content including a number of quick side quests and a handful of War Table missions. There's even a new Rift power that surrounds your Inquisitor with a bubble that protects against projectiles.

Exploring the gigantic tree-covered landscape is one of the best parts, and the local Awar are an interesting people that use friendly spirits to train mages and protect the community. However, all of it is in preparation for the big boss battle against the Hakkon, the war god that wants to snap his jaws on you.

Without spoiling too much, the battle with Hakkon is probably the most infuriating boss fight in the game so far. Hakkon is immune to both fire and spirit damage, and he'll summon powerful reinforcements to come in and wreck your team.

Exploring Frostback Basin, meeting new NPCs and setting up tree-top encampments is all great, but it all comes to an infuriating conclusion when you fight the boss.