Pointless websites great for procrastinating ... erm, I mean, relaxing

By junior reporter Catherine Wang

You go online to research, do homework, slap a man with an eel … wait? What?

By junior reporter Catherine Wang |

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We all know that the internet is for reading, online shopping, and commenting on friends' photos. But some websites defy these conventional reasons for use. These are the pointless websites, a little-known form that lies between modern art and addictive web game.

Here are 10 of the best pointless sites from across the web, ranging from cute to downright strange. These are sure to make you think … or do the opposite. Share them with your friends! Know any others? Tell us in the comment section below!

* Warning: If you are sensitive to colourful flashing graphics, loud noises, and strange animations of animals, then please be careful when visiting these sites. Otherwise, read on.

Watch a noodle-like figure dance gently across your screen with each pass of your mouse. Shake things up faster (literally) to watch things get wild! Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Weirdness rating: 6/10

Best for: Anyone, but probably not anyone below the age of six or above the age of 60. Try watching your teacher's reaction to this for guaranteed laughs.

2 eelslap.com

Slap a man in the face with an eel by dragging your mouse across the image. Slap slowly. Slap quickly. It's very therapeutic if you've had a bad day - most of your problems fade in comparison to being hit in the face by an eel.

Weirdness rating: 4/10 (Fairly self-explanatory, but still, eels are weird.)

Best for: The sadistic and the truly bored.

The most hypnotic game you will have played in a long time. Use your cursor to break up a single dot again and again until it becomes a picture of a pixelated koala.

Weirdness rating: 2/10 (Very cute and normal. Who doesn't love koalas?)

Best for: Filling in awkward gaps of class time.

4 fallingfalling.com

Endless colours tumble before you while a droning tone plays, slowly getting lower and lower.

Weirdness rating: 7/10 (This has a very down-the-rabbit hole kind of feel.)

Best for: Staring at mindlessly while you try to concentrate on your maths homework.

5 heeeeeeeey.com

This site is definitely very excited to see you - again, and again, and again. It's a happy loop from the classic hip hop group Naughty By Nature.

Weirdness rating: 6/10 (Not so much weird as very annoying.)

Best for: Saying hi to your friends.

Not sure where your pointer is? Just go to this site and wiggle your mouse; a handy pic will point the way … to your pointer.

Weirdness rating: 5/10 (There are some funky pictures in their collection.)

Best for: You! Yes, you! (Points in your direction.)

7 www.iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples.com

Help the lady eat apples by clicking and dragging them to her mouth. The bizarre artwork is set against a quaint soundtrack of screeching noises.

Weirdness rating: 10/10 (Writer's note: This gives me nightmares.)

Best for: Making your friends feel uncomfortable.

Bounce cats across your screen using your cursor. Pure, unadulterated feline joy.

Weirdness rating: 0.5/10 (This is too adorable to be considered strange. The half point was given for the cascading rainbow cats.)

Best for: Cat lovers … or cat haters.

Watch a pug clean your screen endlessly. Pure, unadulterated canine joy.

Weirdness rating: -1/10 (So much cute your head will probably implode.)

Best for: Dog lovers.

10 cachemonet.com

A haunted graveyard of old Windows icons, chimes, and screensavers. It's a blast from the past set to random hip hop sound effects. According to the creators of the site, Cache Monet is a piece of web art. Ooh, fancy.

Weirdness rating: 12/10 (This goes beyond any kind of rational explanation.)

Best for: The wannabe hipster in your life, or the angsty teen who doesn't like being understood.