From Xbox to Playstation - The best indie games out there

By YP Cadet Dennis Lui

YP cadet Dennis Lui puts his thumbs to work testing some of the best independent games

By YP Cadet Dennis Lui |

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What is your favourite hipster game out there?

Not into mainstream games? There's a host of indie alternatives you might want to try and I've picked my favourites for you.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Genre: Fantasy/adventure platformer

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One

Rating: E

You'll forget you're playing an indie when you start Ori. Indies can be a bit rough and ready, but this is really smooth.

After a seamless loading screen, press play and you're off. The polished visuals combine with a simple storyline that keeps you hooked.

Ori, the main character, must defeat enemies to save the spirit tree Nibel and restore balance to the forest.

Players can develop skills to suit their styles, and save the game to pick up later when they want to. It may seem too simple to keep you playing for long periods of time, but Ori is not as easy as it seems.

Europa Universalis IV

Genre: Grand strategy

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Rating: T

Some people wonder what would happen if great historical events had worked out differently and now they can find out. You can explore other options in the historically dense world of Europa Universalis IV. Published by Paradox Interactive, the game spans the early modern period; players are able to choose from hundreds of countries and factions as a starting point before carving their own path.

There are many ways you can strengthen your nation: diplomacy and trade will get you money, while winning wars can earn you respect. Features also include colonisation, religion and missionaries.

If you're a history geek, then this is the game for you. But be warned, it's not easy to get started.

Kerbal Space Program

Genre: Space simulation

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation 4

Rating: E

Ever wanted to build a spaceship? Whether you want to organise the next Apollo mission, or just strap a few rockets to a fuel canister and see where it goes, Kerbal Space Program will be able to provide hours of relentless fun. There are two modes: career and sandbox.

Career is where you will have to complete missions, such as landing on the moon or putting a satellite into orbit to earn money. Sandbox allows you to just play around. The game is complex enough to challenge seasoned players, yet easy enough to learn for beginners. Get building!

Democracy 3

Genre: Government simulation

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Rating: T

We always complain about the government and how they could do a better job. What better way to prove this than through Democracy 3?

Developed by Positech Games, it lets players choose one of six countries and lead a government, involving changing policies and setting new ones.

You'll need to be careful though: setting a policy that satisfies one political group might anger another, and you'll need a majority vote to be able to extend your term.

Will you transform your country into a socialist utopia? Or will you embrace free-market policies and become a capitalist tax haven? The choice is yours. 

Game Dev Tycoon

Genre: Business simulation

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Rating: E

We've all dreamed of making our own video game. Game Dev Tycoon allows you to do just that. The main objective is to create and run your own video game company and be great at selling games.

You start from the 1970s, with oddly familiar-sounding consoles being released, such as the "TES" or the "Vega Master System".

Different consoles and genres are suited to different age groups and audiences, so you'll have to take risks and come up with the best combinations. Experiment away!