'Temtem' game tips: Complete guide to all status conditions and effects

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The Steam early access game is inspired by Pokemon, but adds online multiplayer to the formula

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Gotta catch all the Pokemon...I mean Temtem.

Pokemon lovers rejoice! Temtem, the monster-catching massive multiplayer online game (MMO) has hit early access on the Steam store and early impressions are great. If you're trying out the beta right now, you know that your Temtem can be inflicted with negative and positive status conditions and effects. Here's a handy guide to each status condition and their effects.

Temtem status conditions and effects

There are 10 status conditions in Temtem as of the early access release date. However, there appear to be plans to possibly add more as the game grows thanks to player feedback. Obviously, it’s important to know what each status condition inflicts, so that you can be prepared to counter each one and keep your Temtem in peak fighting condition.

Burnt: Lose a small amount of total health every passing turn. Also reduces attack by 30 per cent. This condition can be replaced by Cold.

Cold: No effect on first affliction. If a Temtem is afflicted with cold twice, the Temtem will become Frozen. This condition can be replaced by Burnt.

Frozen: Temtem cannot attack when afflicted with Frozen. Condition can be replaced by Burnt.

Regenerate: Affected Temtem recovers a small amount of total health every passing turn.

Asleep: Temtem falls asleep. Cannot attack. Any damage to the sleeping Temtem will wake it up.

Poisoned: Lose a chunk of health every passing turn

Doomed: Afflicted Temtem faints after the Doom Timer reaches zero.

Exhausted: Moves cost 50 per cent more Stamina to cast.

Immune: New status conditions do not affect the immune Temtem.

Vigourised: Moves cost 50 per cent less Stamina to cast.

Now that you know the various Temtem status conditions, you can prepare yourself for each one by ensuring you have items that can combat each one. If you find your Temtem inflicted with a status effect, try to clear it up as quickly as possible, or it could end up costing you the battle.