‘Until Dawn’ game review: B-movie horror film on the PlayStation 4 starring...you

By YP reader Annie Chan Chin-ying

Interactive survival horror game put players in control of cliche characters in a scary and atmospheric adventure

By YP reader Annie Chan Chin-ying |

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Until Dawn is an interactive survival horror adventure game that puts players in control of how the story plays out. With a spooky atmosphere and innovative gameplay, it is sure to please both fans of horror films and hardcore gamers alike.

A group of eight high school students return to Blackwood Mountain, the scene of a tragic accident where two of their friends died exactly one year ago. As the teens each try to come to terms with their grief, a supernatural presence waits for the right opportunity to strike. When a heavy snowstorm leaves the gang stranded in their cabin with no means to leave, will they all survive the night?

Players will control each of the eight characters as they go through their individual ordeals throughout the night, which culminates in a grand finale where the separate storylines are tied together. These episodes will take the player to different locales, such as an abandoned mine, a maze-like forest, and an old mansion that doubled as a mental hospital in the past. Each place is incredibly detailed and a joy to explore.



Though Until Dawn is not an action game, there are plenty of adrenaline-filled moments as players must input the correct button-presses in timed events to avoid environmental dangers and attacks from antagonists. There are many “jump scare” moments as well, so be prepared to be shook.

A unique game mechanic called “The Butterfly Effect” also keeps tracks of decisions and dialogue choices players have made. This affects how other characters react to situations, if certain characters will survive or die, and how the rest of the game will play out. This interactive and novel system may entice players to replay the game multiple times to see the different endings.

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The background music throughout is top-notch as well, and adds a lot to the “scary movie” vibe of the experience. This is coupled with very good voice-acting for most of the main characters so players can be fully immersed in the game world.

Be sure to play in a dark room with the sound turned up high to get the maximum thrill from this stunning entry into the modern adventure game genre.